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 Cheryl Stringall
 About Cheryl - or String's Management & Development
   A successful business owner since 1993, I have over twenty-five years experience in Business Development, Management and Marketing of a variety of businesses, public and charity organisations and private clients.

I am also the Managing Director and Co-Founder of Sunn Creative, a music label dedicated to artistic expression & positive collaboration through the promotion of the music of Tony Lowe & Tony Lowe Productions and our signed artists, see below.

In this age of DIY Managers, I focus on creative consulting and problem solving utilising a wide and multi-faceted knowledge of disparate sectors. I offer bespoke services for managers, businesses, charities, artists, authors, musicians, yoga & mind/body/health professionals and entrepreneurs.

A Business/Arts degree from the University of California at Davis and a subsequent move to the UK in 2005, engendered an understanding and hands-on commitment to specific types of business structure and culture.

I spend much of my time working with media; from social networking, to video production, photography, graphic design and marketing – running a music label requires diverse and intricate knowledge of many skills, including royalty compliance and management.

I also create, manage and update websites – advise on email campaigns, and spend time reading and reviewing books for chosen authors – pre & post publication.

The last ten years have seen a resurgence of clients needing consultation on legal and contractual matters. I review and assist in the development of contracts as well as help with compliance issues. I bring a wealth of knowledge to this field, having spent years in Risk Management & Contractual Compliance and Development as well as working hand in hand with various government oversight agencies. I have a keen logical mind and enjoy helping those with less experience in this quite convoluted, and sometimes, confusing area.

Please contact me or visit my LinkedIn page for more information on my extensive professional background.  I have numerous letters of recommendation available, which I have taken offline for privacy reasons.

Sunn Creative, a music label dedicated to artistic expression & positive collaboration through the promotion of the music of Tony Lowe & Tony Lowe Productions, representing the artists and releases; Tony Lowe, Lowe & Brzezicki's ESP, Tony Lowe & Alison Fleming, Chris Gray's latest albums and ‘Cold Reading’ from Bram Stoker.

We collaborate with; David Cross & Robert Fripp (production-video) as well as a wealth of others; Mark Brzezicki, David Cross, David Jackson, John Young, Steve Gee, Alison Fleming, Yumi Hara & Phil Spalding. The latter all involved with Tony Lowe's ESP project set for a 2016 release.

In 2017 we started a collaboration with Peter Coyle, formerly of The Lotus Eaters, for ESP 2.0's new album - to be released Spring 2018.

We also worked closely with Simon Townshend, through his musical relationship with Tony Lowe as musician and producer.

Simon Townshend & Roger Daltrey

Aligning with integrity, creativity and innovation we chose artists carefully devoting time to developing a close working relationship. Representation by Sunn Creative is inclusive and supportive of the creative environment. We are a socially conscious label, working with social and environmentally conscious intent and partner with selected charities and social organisations after review.

In 2015-2016 we supported with the Social Enterprise - Working Knowledge.

 Sunn Creative